How Sparklite enabled MonitorMyRefi to scale

How Sparklite enabled MonitorMyRefi to scale

One of the goals we have with Sparklite is to enable non-technical users and founders to bring their complex logic trapped in spreadsheets to life in an app.

Meet Drew Arce, the founder of a new refinance startup called MonitorMyRefi. Drew has always had a passion for building innovative products that solve real problems, and he saw an opportunity in the refinance market to create a platform that makes it easier for people to understand their options and make informed decisions about refinancing their loans.

How Sparklite enabled MonitorMyRefi to scale

However, Drew faced a challenge when it came to building his product: he needed a way to incorporate calculations into his platform, but he didn’t have the technical expertise to do so. That’s where Sparklite came in.

Sparklite is an API (Application Programming Interface) platform that allows developers to easily add complex calculations to their products. For Drew, this was a game-changer. He was able to easily integrate Sparklite into his Bubble app and immediately saw the benefits.

Not only did Sparklite save Drew time and frustration, it also allowed him to bring his full-fledged product to life that he can now sell to users. Without Sparklite, Drew’s refinance startup may have remained an idea, but now it has the potential to become a successful business.

We are grateful to Drew for entrusting us as we build out our product. We are excited to see his product grow alongside us.

If you’re a founder looking to add calculations to your product, be sure to check out Sparklite!

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