A solar power ROI calculator built in under an hour

When Daniel saw electricity prices rise 18.3% in the last year he thought it might be the right time to make the switch to solar. He built an app to calculate how much he’d save on electricity so he could be confident he was making the right choice.

A travel reimbursement claim app that eliminates busywork

Tracking the travel expenses of multiple employees used to take hours out of Dev’s day. Now it only takes minutes thanks to an app he made that helps him track every journey, calculate reimbursement values, and streamline his workday.

A calorie tracker to reach fitness goals faster

Over the pandemic Dominic found it harder to workout and eat healthy foods. To lose that “pandemic 15” faster, he built an app that figures out how many calories he should eat in a day and how much weight he can lose over what timeframe.

A mortgage calculator estimating housing costs on the go

Jay has a mortgage spreadsheet he uses to calculate financing variables, but he doesn’t bring his laptop to view open houses. That’s why he built an app he can use on his iPad to determine whether a property is a good investment or not right on the spot.